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grass fed whey
Protein 17 - Whey Protein Organic
Is your whey protein coming from factory-farmed, hormone-treated cows?

Unless you are using a certified

organic whey

from cows that graze on organic grass pastures, it probably is...

Take 2 minutes now to learn:

  • 1

    Why you could be wasting your money on one of the many protein powders which are very heavily processed and contain “controversial” additives such as genetically modified organisms (GMO's) and artificial sweeteners.
  • 2

    How to choose a protein powder which ensures the best nutrition for your body (organic whey is only part of it).
organic whey

Does your whey protein come from factory-farmed, hormone-treated cows?

What most people DO know

  • Having a higher protein intake can promote health and muscle gains

  • Whey protein has the highest biological value (proportion of proteins which can be absorbed into the body) of any protein

What most people DON’T know

  • The more natural your food, the more lean muscle and the less body-fat you’ll probably have (this is because natural foods are assimilated better into the body)

  • Toxins that you ingest can impair the fat burning and muscle building processes

This is where the problems start for most people who use protein powders. They make a good decision to use protein powders to increase their protein intake but they don't know the red flags to look for in the proteins they choose.

More muscle thru better health

We all know that working out and eating right to build muscle and lose fat can be a real challenge. We know that hard training and healthy natural foods help us to build muscle and lose bodyfat but what many people haven't realized is that...

Unless you eat organic, muscle building and fat loss can be even more difficult.

grass fed whey protein

Unless you eat organic, muscle building and fat loss can be even more difficult.

The reason is simple but often overlooked.

Health, muscle gain and fat loss depend on a complex interplay of chemical processes and hormones. When we eat non-organic foods (which may contain by pesticides, fertilizers, hormones or heavy metals), these delicate processes may become unbalanced. In simple terms:

Non-organic foods can stop our bodies working properly and many people find that they build muscle and lose fat simply by eating the same foods but switching to organic.

So if you are serious about building a strong, lean, healthy body, you should ideally stop consuming non-organic, processed protein powders and use a pure whey like Protein 17.

There's more good news too:

Organic Whey Protein

It’s a myth that eating organic costs more—it can actually cost you less!

It's a myth that eating organic costs more—it can actually cost you less!

Many people report spending less money on food when they eat organic.


Simple - it's likely that they get more nutrients (from the organic products) so their bodies crave less food. Therefore, they eat less.

Here's an example:

Would your body benefit more from 20grams of highly-processed, artificially-sweetened protein or 10grams of minimally-processed, organic, pure whey protein?

This is what you haven’t been told

Many commercial protein powders:

  • Contain very controversial additives including artificial sweeteners (many health experts believe these could be dangerous), genetically-modified-organisms (also highly controversial – the effects on humans not really known), fillers (additives just to make the powder bigger so that there is more profit in it).
    Heavily processed whey protein powder.

    Heavily processed whey protein powder.

  • Are heavily processed potentially leaving the delicate immune-supporting and muscle building components of the whey damaged.
  • Are treated with ACID (this is how casein is actually made).
  • Are treated with SOY just to make them mix well. Check the ingredients label on your protein powders and look for “soy lecithin”. It’s in almost all protein powders. What’s the problem with soy? 1) Many health experts now consider soy to be an ANTI-nutrient because it prevents the body absorbing other nutrients, 2) it’s thought to be estrogenic which means that it can cause an increase in female hormones in the body (which can make muscle building and fat loss much harder as well as other potential health complications) and 3) soy is often genetically modified.
  • Are sourced from cows who are fed grain (because it's cheap but grain is not their natural food) (unlike pure, natural

    grass fed whey


    Many cows are injected with Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH) and antibiotics to make them produce more milk... is this where your whey comes from?

  • Come from cows who are treated with antibiotics and hormones.
  • Come from whey protein sourced from China or India (which is thought to have much lower quality control standards than Europe and the US).

Scary isn't it?

Follow the 7 critical rules when choosing your whey:

  • 1

    Whey protein concentrate that is certified organic and comes from cows that graze on organic grass pastures.

    Do NOT accept whey made from factory-farmed, grain-fed or corn-fed cows.

  • 2

    Cows that are not treated with artificial hormones.

    Do not accept whey from cows who are treated with artificial hormones. Many non-organic farms treat dairy cows with rBGH (Bovine Growth Hormone) to increase milk production. This hormone is highly controversial and actually been banned in many European countries.

  • 3

    Cold treated.

    Do NOT accept high-heat processed whey. Most whey protein is processed with very high temperatures. This can damage the delicate immune-boosting properties and amino acids naturally found in whey.

  • 4

    Whey protein organic concentrate from cows that graze on organic grass pastures.

    Do NOT accept whey protein isolate, hydrolysate or isolate/concentrate blends, even if they claim to be grass-fed whey protein. Isolates/hydrolysates are proteins that have heavily can damage their nutritional cofactors (see below for a more detailed explanation).

  • 5

    Whey protein concentrate that is free from acid treatments.

    Do NOT accept whey that has been acid treated or is ion exchanged. These methods are are cheaper (this is why they are used), but they may damage the protein.

  • 6

    Free from artificial sweeteners.

    Do not accept protein powders that are contain artificial sweeteners like Aspartame, Sucralose or Acesulfame K. These sweeteners are highly controversial often used to mask the very bitter taste of inferior acid processed whey.

  • 7

    Only put pure, clean, whey protein organic concentrate in your body.

    Know the origin of your whey protein.

    Some top protein powder brands use whey sourced from China or India. As you can imagine quality standards vary significantly from country to country.

Choose a

grass fed whey

that is minimally-processed and guaranteed to have the exceptional nutritional value.

A whey that has a full spectrum amino acid profile and all of the nutritional cofactors still intact.

At last, a protein powder you can trust!

Protein 17 - Certified Organic, Pure Whey Protein
  • Organic whey protein – certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • Sourced from cows that graze on organic grass pastures
  • Produced without genetically modified organisms (GMOs), artificial sweeteners or monosodium glutamate (MSG)
  • Produced without anti-biotics or artificial hormone treatments
  • Produced without artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or fillers
  • Minimally-processed and cold-pressed so that all of the delicate immune-supporting and muscle-building proteins are not damaged
  • Contains no soy
  • Acid-free processing
  • No added sugar
  • Made in the USA
whey protein organic

Protein 17 is derived from cows that graze naturally on organic grass pastures.

Many other protein powders
  • Acid treated
  • Nutrients potentially damaged or removed
  • From cows that are fed grain/corn
  • Contain controversial artificial sweeteners
  • Contain highly controversial GMOs (genetically modified organisms)
  • Contain artificial colors and/or flavoring
  • Contain fillers to make the protein heavier (more expensive)
  • Contain soy and/or gluten

Protein 17

  • Not acid treated
  • Nutrients intact
  • From cows that graze on organic grass pastures
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No GMOs
  • No added colors or artificial flavorings
  • No fillers
  • Produced without soy or gluten

"I thought whey protein isolate was better?"

Whey Protein Isolates, Hydrolysates and Isolate/Concentrate blends have been well marketed but the reality is that they are more heavily processed powders in which the proteins are potentially damaged and many of the beneficial components of the whey have been removed (unlike grass fed whey protein).

You see, Whey Protein Concentrate is also known as WPC80.

All WPC 80 means is that it’s 80 percent protein.

The remaining 20% consists of beneficial nutrients and minerals that exist naturally in milk that your body will use to help absorb & process the whey optimally.

So why do manufacturers remove these??


The fitness business knows people are fixated on the amount of protein per serving so if they can list a slightly higher number on the label by reducing these nutrients, they will do it.

So, that's the difference between an isolates/hydrolysates and concentrate:

The isolates / hydrolysates have lower levels of certains nutrients just so the label can list a few extra grams of protein per serving.

(Note: be wary of anyone advertising “raw whey”. It is against the law to sell raw whey in many countries. Protein 17 is not raw but it is minimally-processed to maintain the quality of the amino acids and the nutrients).

If you really want the fastest health and muscle gains, make sure you are using the purest, grass-fed, organic natural whey protein concentrate powder.

If you are serious about having the best, most muscular, strongest and healthiest body that you can, then Protein 17 is for you.

Fuel your muscles with Protein 17, certified organic from cows that graze on organic grass pastures and feel the difference!

Protein 17 - Certified Organic, Pure Whey Protein
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Organic Whey

Protein 17
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Pure & non-instantized, from cows that graze on organic grass pastures.
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